Yay – Got Accepted to do Starfinder Compatible Products!

Passed the first hurdle and got accepted for Starfinder, the new “Pathfinder in Space” RPG. You can check out the Paizo Starfinder information as it is released ahead of the August 17, 2017 release date.

My first offering will be “Small Stations and Tiny Outposts”, a book presenting 10 places to send your players for and adventure. Each locale will have information about size and style of the base, the number of personnel from 1 to 100 and if it is in Space, Air, Land and Water. There is a nice piece of art with the overview and some locales have additional artwork.

The various modules that make up the standard location as well as notable NPCs help flesh out the base. There will be some adventure seeds as well included such as resupply, missing personnel or trade opportunities.

While the book is Compatible with Starfinder, the locales can be dropped into your own sci-fi campaigns no matter the setting. The book will be available as PDF and possibly available for Print on Demand.