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Welcome to the page all about Starfinder the Desktop Role Playing Game from Paizo.com, makers of the Pathfinder Desktop RPG. Some of my art got seen and I was asked to do something compatible to show off my art and add to the Starfinder universe. Having been a GM / DM (Game Master/Dungeon Master) for about 40 years, I tossed out a suggestion to the group to have some small places to visit. I sandbox (create an open world for my players to do anything they want) virtually all of my gaming sessions and I like when I can get a destination to simply drop into my setting. If it has a bit of a story, maybe some NPCs (non-player characters) and an adventure seed or hook even better! So Small Stations and Tiny Outposts (SSTO#1) was born! As my art is well liked, I decided to really have fun and there is two pieces of full art for each location as well as a reference line drawing. You all asked for art and it is in here!

There are several other digital products in the works too. The next is probably Personal Craft for Low Altitude and Ground Use. More to come on that soon, but suffice to say it will have lots of great art too.

Jazzy Bear Brown Starfinder Compatible Products:

SSTO#1 is a selection of 10 small stations and outposts that can be dropped into most any sci-fi settings or campaigns. These locales have anywhere from Zero to 200 or less people in them. This gives each location a much different feel than the say the Absalom Station with thousands of folks. These locations are used for observation, research, living, trading, protecting, scouting and exploring. For each location there are two full pieces of color artwork (because you all asked for it) and a technical reference drawing. Read more at: Small Stations and Tiny Outposts

Available NOW at: DriveThruRPG.com or OpenGamingStore.com and Soon from Paizo.